gallery/the enigma vii (star seeds) album

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Original Release Date: January 11, 2019

Release Date: January 11, 2019

Label: Universal Mystic Music

Copyright: ℗© 2019 Shinnobu

Total Length: 1:03:41

Genres: New Age, Ambient, Rock, Abstract, Gregorian


Shinnobu Enigma 2019 (Full Album) The memories come, the nostalgia arrives and the monks begin to sing. Groups of souls arrive to help better and raise the vibration of the planet.

like the caress of a ray of sunshine on a quiet afternoon.


where memories of what we once were arrive and bring forth an infinite world of possibilities, and at last we return, we are star seeds. my history, my place. Sisgar.



Los recuerdos vienen, la nostalgia llega y los monjes comienzan a cantar. grupos de almas llegar para ayudar a mejor y subir la vibración del planeta. como la caricia de un rayo de sol en una tarde tranquila.


donde recuerdos de lo que fuimos alguna vez llegan y hacen surgir una mundo infinito de posibilidades, y al fin regresamos, semillas estelares somos. mi historia, mi lugar. Sisgar.

  • Indigo : 00:00

  • Open Your Eyes : 5:10

  • Wait for Me : 12:13

  • By Peace : 18:45

  • Awakening Within Me : 23:50

  • Like a Shadow : 29:45

  • Body without Soul : 35:57

  • Tears of Sadness : 43:21

  • Soulmates : 49:50

  • Star Seeds (Voices Of Sisgar) : 56:04